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Days Played Report

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This report is only available for the current season.

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PlayerClubBDCA: 3rd GradeBDCA: Fourth GradeBDJCA: Under 12BDJCA: Under 122BDJCA: Under 14BDJCA: Under 16BDJCA: Under 10sFNCCC: LJ Hooker League 2021/22FNCCC: Coastal League 2021/22BDCA: 3rd GradeBDCA: Fourth GradeBDJCA: Under 12BDJCA: Under 122BDJCA: Under 14BDJCA: Under 16BDJCA: Under 10sFNCCC: LJ Hooker League 2021/22FNCCC: Coastal League 2021/22
ACRET, HAYLEYLennox Head Cricket Club006000000006000000
Acret, MatthewLennox Head Cricket Club000070000000070000
Armistead, AdamLennox Head Cricket Club000000040000000040
Asser, CharlesLennox Head Cricket Club070000000070000000
Asser, NicholasLennox Head Cricket Club000000061000000061
Asser, RussellLennox Head Cricket Club220000000220000000
Ayres, BrockLennox Head Cricket Club000060000000060000
Barnes, ArchieLennox Head Cricket Club006000000006000000
Barnes, BerrickLennox Head Cricket Club000000051000000051
Barnes, JamesLennox Head Cricket Club000000005000000005
Baxter, BillyLennox Head Cricket Club000600000000600000
Blackler, JoshuaLennox Head Cricket Club000000024000000024
Bugden, BobbyLennox Head Cricket Club000000005000000005
Callan, AngusLennox Head Cricket Club000000050000000050
Churton, TullyLennox Head Cricket Club000700000000700000
Cobb, JacksonLennox Head Cricket Club000040000000040000
Coman, TaneLennox Head Cricket Club10000130001000013000
Cook, ChristopherLennox Head Cricket Club070000000070000000
coster, scottLennox Head Cricket Club300000002300000002
Crawford, BenLennox Head Cricket Club120000000120000000
Crawford, DylanLennox Head Cricket Club160000000160000000
Deal, Jerry MLennox Head Cricket Club000000011000000011
Doherty, Harrison CLennox Head Cricket Club00000140120000014012
Dorey, RobertLennox Head Cricket Club000000021000000021
Duncan, MarkLennox Head Cricket Club600000002600000002
Duncan, ZachLennox Head Cricket Club000700000000700000
Duverge, DavidLennox Head Cricket Club100000000100000000
Duverge, DominicLennox Head Cricket Club20000130002000013000
Dwane, Billy KLennox Head Cricket Club010000000010000000
Everson, JohnLennox Head Cricket Club060000000060000000
Fisher, AdamLennox Head Cricket Club000000051000000051
Fisher, ToddLennox Head Cricket Club000000031000000031
FISHER, WARRENLennox Head Cricket Club070000000070000000
Frick, LeeLennox Head Cricket Club300000000300000000
Gaskell, IanLennox Head Cricket Club030000000030000000
Gay, BrentonLennox Head Cricket Club100000000100000000
Gilmore, ZacharyLennox Head Cricket Club000000042000000042
Gohl, BeauLennox Head Cricket Club000600000000600000
Graham, JacobLennox Head Cricket Club000000005000000005
Grainger, Luke RLennox Head Cricket Club800000000800000000
Harding, CianLennox Head Cricket Club006000000006000000
Haynes, TimLennox Head Cricket Club010000000010000000
Hickey, MaxLennox Head Cricket Club000000060000000060
Hooper, JustinLennox Head Cricket Club200000001200000001
Ingram, MaxLennox Head Cricket Club10000130011000013001
Isbester, KeeganLennox Head Cricket Club000000001000000001
Joblin, JohnLennox Head Cricket Club070000000070000000
Johnston, HudsonLennox Head Cricket Club006000000006000000
Kernaghan, BlakeLennox Head Cricket Club200000005200000005
Kernaghan, BraydenLennox Head Cricket Club00000140000000014000